Aug. 9, 2017: Sign in with a Google account


The new Sign in with Google option in Sales & Success Center and Business Center allows your salespeople and clients to sign in with ease. Available as early as August 9th.

How it works

Your salespeople will click Sign in with Google from Sales & Success Center, and your clients will do so from Business Center. 

If they are already signed into their Google account, they will be logged in immediately. If they are signed into multiple Google accounts, they will be prompted to choose one. Otherwise, they must log into their Google account.

The email address your salespeople provide must match that of an existing Salesperson (created via Partner Center > Sales > Salespeople). Similarly, the email address your clients provide must match that of an existing User (created via Partner Center > Businesses > Users). Otherwise, they will receive the following error: “User not found.” 


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