What is the Snapshot Widget?

The Snapshot Widget is a lead generation tool that allows a business to enter their information to request a Snapshot Report. You are able to set up a widget for every market you have.


While browsing your website, your visitors can provide their contact information to see how their business is performing online. All at once, a Snapshot Report is created, a salesperson is assigned and notified, and the prospect is added to a customer acquisition campaign.

Note: Accounts created with the widget are subject to the standard Snapshot Report fees.

The widget comes with a wizard that gives you the flexibility to:

  • Assign multiple salespeople.
  • Trigger any customer acquisition campaign.
  • Customize every color.


How it works

  1. You configure the widget(s) in Partner Center > Marketing > Snapshot Widgets.Snapshot_Widget_in_Partner_Center__1_.png
  2. You embed the widget(s) on relevant pages throughout your website—e.g. solutions related to websites, reputation management, business listing management, social marketing, or advertising.
  3. A prospect enters their first name and email address and then searches for their business.
    1. If the prospect finds their business, they will click Get My Free Report! to submit their details. The widget will automatically collect the rest of their details.
    2. If the prospect doesn’t find their business, they will click Can’t find your business? Click here. This option will take them to a form to provide their details.img-3.png
  4. The assigned salespeople are notified so they can get in touch ASAP. Simultaneously, the new lead gets added to the customer acquisition campaign of your choice, allowing you to stay top of mind until they’re ready to buy.

Attached below are ads that you can strategically link on your website or through an ad serving network. Simply link the image to the URL of your Widget.


Disabling The Snapshot Widget

To disable a widget, remove it from your website, and then toggle the switch off in Partner Center > Marketing > Snapshot Widget. Each widget has a threshold of 500 reports per day, after which it will be temporarily disabled.

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