Jul. 19, 2017: Generate hot leads with the new Snapshot Widget


What is the Snapshot Widget?

The Snapshot Widget is a form you embed on websites to generate hot leads. The form entices website visitors to see how their business is performing online. Once a visitor provides their details, the widget creates a digital needs assessment (the Snapshot Report), starts an email campaign, and sends your salespeople a hot lead notification.

How will it benefit my agency?

Business owners search for content that helps them make great business decisions. These owners are browsing your website. However, without lead capture tools like the Snapshot Widget, these visitors may not be converting into new clients.

When you give visitors the power to access a personalized needs assessment, they’ll gladly provide their details. Then, automated email campaigns will continue to keep your prospects engaged, while hot lead notifications will keep your salespeople on their toes.

How can my agency add value?

To drive traffic to the Snapshot Widget, your agency can:

  • Embed widget on existing web pages.
  • Create landing pages for the widget.
  • Run advertising campaigns directing to landing pages.
  • Publish social posts directing to landing pages.
  • Link email signatures to landing pages.
  • Put ads in blog posts, directing to landing pages.

How do I implement the Snapshot Widget?

1. Configure the widget

You can configure the name, markets, salespeople, domain, text, and colors. To build a widget, go to Partner Center > Marketing > Snapshot Widgets and follow the wizard.


2. Embed the widget

Embed widgets on relevant pages throughout your website—e.g. solutions related to websites, reputation management, business listing management, social marketing, or advertising. We also suggest creating landing pages dedicated to the widget.


3. Generate leads

A visitor on your webside enters their first name and email address, and then searches for their business. If they find their business, they’ll click Get My Free Report! to submit their details. The widget automatically collects the rest of their details.

However, if the prospect doesn’t find their business, they can click Can’t find your business? Click here. This option will take them to a form to provide their details.


4. Close business

Once a prospect submits their details, the assigned salespeople will be notified so they can get in touch immediately. Simultaneously, an account will appear in Sales & Success Center with a hotness rating of three. About 24 hours after the account is created, your salespeople should study the Snapshot Report to identify the business’s problems. This report will help your salespeople position themselves as local marketing experts.

The new lead will also start receiving the campaign you assigned to the widget. This campaign allows you to stay “top of mind" until the lead is ready to buy. As with any other acquisition campaign, when the lead opens or clicks through, the assigned salespeople will be notified, and the account will return to a hotness rating of three.

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