Jul. 26, 2017: Track your sales opportunities with the new Sales Pipeline


The Sales Pipeline empowers your sales team to focus their time and effort on the best opportunities—the ones with the greatest value, the highest probability, and the soonest expected close date.

Quickly manage sales opportunities

Your salespeople can conveniently access their opportunities from either the Account Details screen or the new Pipeline tab in Sales & Success Center.


To create a new opportunity, go to the Accounts tab in Sales & Success Center, select an account, and then click the ‘+’ button in the Opportunities section. Next, select the packages the prospect is interested in, enter the probability of a close, and give an expected close date.


To manage an existing opportunity, go to that opportunity (from either the Pipeline tab or the Account Details screen). You can then:

  1. Reassign the opportunity to another salesperson.
  2. Adjust the probability of a close.
  3. Adjust the expected close date.
  4. Log sales activity: enter notes about the activity, select the type of activity, specify if a follow-up is needed, and indicate if the salesperson was able to connect.
  5. Enter notes about the opportunity.
  6. Add, edit, or remove packages. The revenue associated with these packages will automatically calculate the potential revenue of the opportunity. You may also edit the revenue for each package.


To close an opportunity, simply click Close Opportunity in the top right corner. You can then select a close state (won or lost) and enter notes about the close.


Track sales opportunities on the go

All Sales Pipeline features are mobile-optimized so your salespeople can track their opportunities and view their pipeline wherever they go.


Make data-driven decisions

Build more reliable forecasts with greater visibility into your sales pipeline. Simply filter your opportunities by funnel stage or expected close date to see the potential revenue for those accounts.


Gain visibility into your sales activities

We’ve replaced Sales Records with Sales Activities. This new feature allows your salespeople to log their calls, emails, and meetings. They can log these activities from the Accounts tab, the Account Details screen, or the Opportunity Details screen.


When your salespeople log a Sales Activity for an account, the details they provide will appear as status badges (e.g. Follow-up Needed, Outbound Call, Email Sent, Meeting, etc.) in the Accounts tab. And as always, your sales managers will see everything your salespeople are up to from The Loop (via Partner Center > Sales).

You may notice that your salespeople now close opportunities instead of accounts. If your salespeople no longer wish to pursue an account, they can archive that account instead. Archived accounts are hidden from the salesperson's view, but are accessible via the filter as well as the Accounts tab of Partner Center.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your Partner Success Manager!

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