How do I embed my Store on my website?

Marketplace includes a client-facing Store—an all-access, on-demand digital store that gives your prospects and clients the ability to find solutions to their unique problems.

You can now publicly display your Store on your website. That means you can easily market to your visitors and convert more leads by showcasing all the products and services you offer.


Simply copy the public URL displayed in Partner Center > Marketplace > Manage Store on the top right, and then link to that URL from your website, a button in your email signature, or within an email marketing campaign.


Whenever you add new products or packages to your Store, they will automatically get added to your website.

An easy way to add your public Store to your website is by embedding it through an iFrame. Those instructions are below:

  1. Enter
    <iframe src="YourPublicStoreURL"></iframe>

  2. Change Width! & Height! <iframe src="YourPublicStoreURL" width height></iframe>

  3. Remove frame

  4. To optimize for mobile, add 

  5. Your line of code should read 
    <iframe src="YourPublicStoreURL" width="800" height="600" frameborder= "0" style="max-width:100%"></iframe>

Please note that the width and height will vary depending on your website design.

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