Website Pro: WordPress hosting on Google Cloud Platform


Starting this week, beta partners will gain access to our exciting new product—Website Pro!

Website Pro: WordPress hosting on Google Cloud Platform

Website Pro is the most effortless and dependable way for agencies to provide WordPress sites at scale. Website Pro eliminates time-intensive technical backend work with streamlined one-click hosting setup, restores, and imports. Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, Website Pro provides world-class security, storage, and speed, and it scales automatically as you grow. Let Website Pro handle all the difficult backend work and get you back to the things you get paid for—delivering great websites.

Who is Website Pro for?

If you provide WordPress sites to your clients, then Website Pro is for you!

How can I start selling Website Pro?

  1. Go to the Website Pro product in Marketplace.
  2. Click Enable.

How can I activate Website Pro for my clients?

  1. Go to Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts.
  2. Select an account.
  3. Click Activate Products.
  4. Select Website Pro and then click Continue.
  5. Complete the order form.
  6. Select the billing acknowledgement and then click Activate.

How does Website Pro work?

  1. Go to Business Center > My Products > Website Pro.
  2. Fill in the three fields to start the setup of your client's website:
    1. Site name
    2. Business tagline
    3. Your free domain—all Website Pro sites are set up on a subdomain to get started. You can add other domains later on in the process.
    4. Click Create—Website Pro’s setup wizard will do the rest!

Once your client’s WordPress hosting has been set up, you will be brought to the Website Pro dashboard. Here you can:

  • Manage their site by accessing their WordPress CMS.
  • Access their domain settings.
  • Import an existing WordPress site.
  • Restore previous versions of their website.
  • View your client's Google Analytics & website speed score.Website_Pro_-_Landing_Page_progress___opt2___36.png

Accessing their WordPress CMS

From the Website Pro dashboard, click Manage Site. This will automatically log you into your client’s WordPress CMS. No login credentials are required because Website Pro automatically creates an admin user that matches your Business Center user information.

Once in WordPress, you can start building and designing compelling WordPress websites for your clients.

Configuring domain settings

By default, a free subdomain will be added as your client’s primary domain. To add other domains:

  1. Go to the Website Pro dashboard.
  2. Under the Domain Settings section, click Connect a Domain.
  3. Enter the domain your client owns.
  4. If they also own the “www.” version of the domain, they can add it at the same time by selecting Also add “www…”.
  5. Click Proceed.
  6. Next, log into your client’s domain registrar to update their DNS settings and finish connecting. This could take up to 24 hours to process. You will need to refresh this screen until the DNS settings update to match. Once it is ready, you will be able to click Add.

Migrate an existing WordPress website

To migrate an existing WordPress site to Website Pro:

  1. Go to the Website Pro dashboard.
  2. Under the Import section, click Import Site.
  3. Log into the WordPress site separately as an administrator.
    Keep this window open in a different tab
  4. Download the Website Pro Automated Migration plugin.
    To add:  Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose File > Activate
  5. Copy the code below and then paste it into the plugin.
    To use: Tools > Website Pro Automated Migration > Enter code
  6. Within the plugin, click Migrate to begin the export.
    Please allow up to 48 hours for the site migration to be completedScreen_Shot_2017-06-27_at_2.23.46_PM.png

Restore a previous version of your client’s website

Website Pro stores daily backups of your client’s site. It’s easy to restore a client’s site to a previous version:

  1. Go to the Website Pro dashboard.
  2. Under the Backups section, click Select Backup.
  3. Select the desired backup date from the list. Click Restore.

Provide your clients with built-in Google Analytics

Website Pro pulls in your client’s key Google Analytics data into the dashboard for easy viewing.


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  • Avatar
    Brian Searl

    Who is actually managing the Google Cloud servers? A third party company or a team internally at Vendasta?

  • Avatar
    Megan Wingate

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for your question. The servers are managed by Google. We at Vendasta manage the applications that run on these servers.


    Megan Wingate
    Product Marketing Specialist

  • Avatar
    Brian Searl

    Thanks, Megan. So there is no company specifically optimizing these servers like a Managed WordPress Platform would. That was my question ultimately. I appreciate the quick answer.

  • Avatar
    Megan Wingate

    Hi Brian,

    No there is no other company. Website Pro does the optimization so the sites serve as fast as possible. That’s a lot of what Website Pro is, utilizing the servers in the best way to provide fast sites.

    Thank you for your questions!

    Megan Wingate
    Product Marketing Specialist

  • Avatar
    Andrew Wilson

    Ran into a problem with uploading a plugin and needed FTP access, currently unavailable. Will access be available?

  • Avatar
    Vendasta Sales

    Hi Andrew,

    No, there are currently no plans to make FTP access available. The intent of Website Pro is to provide hosting to users of all technical backgrounds and eliminating any tech heavy aspects of hosting (such as dealing with FTP access).

    In regards to your current issue, please submit a ticket to our Support Team. We would be more than happy to help get your plugin working!

    Feel free to give me a call if you have further feedback on Website Pro.

    Stephanie Dilsner
    Website Pro Project Manager
    955-5512 ext 277

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