How do I customize the look of my Store and Packages?

The Store tab in Business Center allows your clients to view your products and packages.

There are currently two customizable features for your products and packages:

  • Card view: Each product is represented by a sleek card that is visually appealing and contains all of the relevant product information like name, price, and icon.
  • Hover over: When your mouse hovers over each product, the card lifts and additional information is revealed—specifically, the product description within the tagline.   

To Modify the product or package icon, banner image, tag line or Marketing Content, simply click the 'kebab' and select Edit.

Next, scroll down and select Show advanced configuration.

From there, you may enter custom descriptive text and images and either save and publish, or simply save as a draft if you are not yet ready to publish.  Once saved, your changes will be reflected in your store, and your custom Tagline will show when the card is moused

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