Where can I see my scheduled posts?

You can use the Scheduled Posts tab under My Posts in Social Marketing to review and manage your upcoming social posts.  

Go to the My Posts tab, and then click on the Scheduled Posts sub-tab to display your upcoming posts for all social profiles. You can filter the feed by selecting or deselecting the social sites on the right. You can also click the edit button beneath a scheduled post to edit a scheduled post before it goes out to your linked social media accounts.



For a more streamlined, at-a-glance look at what you have scheduled to post and to which social media profiles, you can also use the Calendar to see your upcoming social posts.  You can choose to view your upcoming posts by the month, week or day.



How to access calendar view:

To access calendar view for scheduled posts, your clients must follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Business Center > Active Products > Social Marketing > My Posts
  2. Click the new tab > Calendar

On the Calendar tab, your client’s scheduled posts will display in a calendar format (as shown above). The colors associated with each scheduled post represent their respective social profiles:

  • Light blue: Twitter posts
  • Medium blue: LinkedIn posts
  • Dark blue: Facebook posts
  • Red: Google+ posts


Last Updated by Brayden F Nov 24th 2017

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