Jul. 19, 2017: Improved look for your Store and Packages


Your clients will now experience a beautiful new look and feel of the Store tab in Business Center. The Store tab allows your clients to view your products and packages. We’ve made visual improvements to this page to help increase engagement.

What's new?


  • Card view: Each product is now represented by a sleek card that is visually appealing and contains all of the relevant product information like name, price, and icon.
  • Hover over: When your mouse hovers over each product, the card lifts and additional information is revealed—specifically, the product description within the tagline.   


Products and Package:

  • Improved layout: The content is presented more clearly and the page is easier to read.  
  • Optional banners and taglines for packages: To match the same great look of products, you can add a banner image or tagline to your multi-product package.


It’s the same great content but with a new design that’s proven to convert!

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