Jun. 14, 2017: 11 new customer acquisition campaigns


Introducing 11 new campaigns that will help your agency stay top of mind until your prospects are ready to buy. You now have access to the following customer acquisition campaigns:

  • Listing Sync Pro (note: this campaign leads prospects to the landing page for Listing Builder).
  • Reputation Management
  • 5STAR
  • Chatbot Starter
  • Chatbot Pro
  • Form Builder
  • Live Chat
  • Managed Service Blog Package
  • Mobile App Solution
  • UpSnap Mobile Ads
  • Visual Visitor

All buttons within these campaigns direct your prospects to the product’s landing page. Whenever your prospects engage with these emails, your salespeople will receive hot lead notifications so they can follow up immediately.

Pro tip: We’ve targeted these campaigns to prospects that are in the middle to bottom of your sales funnel. Therefore, we recommend sending these campaigns to prospects that have previously shown interest in those particular products. Relevancy is key!

As always, you can use these campaigns right out of the box, or tailor the messaging to your unique prospects. For example, agencies selling to the healthcare vertical may change the phrase “your business” to “your practice.”

To begin using these campaigns, go to Partner Center > Marketing > Customer Acquisition > Recommended Campaigns. Next, select a campaign and click Add to My Campaigns. The campaign will then go into Draft mode, where you can customize it before making it available to your salespeople.

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