Jun. 21, 2017: Request client approval of your review responses directly from Concierge


Before responding to a customer review on behalf of your clients, your digital agents may need to contact those clients for approval. Your agents can now send emails directly from Review tasks in Concierge!

How does it work?

Your digital agents can send the request for approval from any Review task. Simply enter a greeting and signature, and then click Send for Approval.

A mock of the request for approval within a Review task. Note: Design is not final.

The email will include:

  • A custom greeting
  • The source of the review
  • The name of the reviewer
  • The body of the email (e.g. "Please approve within 24 hours")
  • The content of the review
  • A signature

Once the email is sent, Concierge will record the time within a public note for that task, and then change the task status to “Waiting on Customer.”

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