Jun. 6, 2017: Preview the subject lines of your campaign emails


It’s a great idea to optimize your subject lines if your open rates drop below the industry average of 21%. You can now view your subject lines throughout the Marketing tab of Partner Center!

Pro tip: Personalize the subject line to grab the attention of your recipients. To personalize a subject line, insert one of the following components (including the spaces and squiggly brackets):

  • {{ firstName }}
  • {{ companyName }}

Make sure to preview the email to ensure your subject line looks good.

To preview your subject lines:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Marketing > Customer Acquisition or Product Adoption or Product Upsell.
  2. Select a campaign. The subject line will appear beneath each email.
  3. Or open the menu beside a campaign and click Preview. The subject line will appear at the top of the preview.


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