Review Generation - Editing the Review Generation Email

You can freely edit and change the contents of Review Generation E-mails to better reflect your business.


In order to do this:


  1. Navigate to the Reviews tab of Reputation Management and click the gear icon.



    2. Scroll down to the Review Request section, and select Edit Email.


Note that there are two options:

  • My Preferred Sites - This Review Generation E-mail will ask people to leave reviews on 1 of 3 preferred sites you have chosen
  • My Listing - This will have people leave a Review on your listing built with Listing Builder



    3. From here you will be brought into the "Review Request Template". You can select a template for your review generation emails, as well as edit the content of your emails by selecting the Edit Content button in the top right corner.



    4. From this screen you can edit the following fields:

  • Send From: Input which email address you would like the Review Generation email to appear it is coming from


  • Subject: The subject line of your email


  • Button Text (My Listing only): The text you would like to appear on your leave a review button. (Review, Feedback, How'd we do? etc.)


  • Button Color (My Listing only):Select this field to set the color of the leave a review button
  • Positive Button Text (Preferred sites only): The word you would like to represent positive feedback (Yes, Like, Would Recommend, etc.)


  • Positive Button Color (Preferred sites only): Select this field to set the color of the positive feedback button


  • Negative Button Text (Preferred sites only): The word you would like to represent negative feedback (No, Dislike, Wouldn't Recommend, etc.)


  • Negative Button Color (Preferred sites only): Select this field to set the color of the negative feedback button


  • Your Business Logo: Select Upload Image to submit your business logo to appear at the bottom of the email


  • Email Title: Select this field to edit the banner that appears at the top of your email


  • Email Greeting: Select this field to set how you greet your customers. You may choose from the dropdown menu options. Any selection with [Customer Name] will insert the customers name into your greeting


  • Email Message: Select this field to fill out the body of your message which will appear below the banner of your email


    5. Once finished hit save at the bottom of the page. Now you can start sending out customized Review Generation emails to your customers!


Additionally, you have the option to upload your own custom HTML template for the Review Generation emails. You can do this by going back to the templates page, and selecting Upload HTML Template. You will arrive at the Edit HTML Template page, where you are able to fill out the Send From, and Subject fields. Below that there will be a button to upload your HTML

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