LMI™ Dashboard and Content Library in Business Center

Together, the LMI™ Dashboard and Content Library tabs in Business Center provide your clients with valuable insight into their marketing performance along with relevant articles based on their performance.


The LMI™ Dashboard gives your clients grades based on their performance in seven major marketing categories:

  • Listings
  • Reputation
  • Social
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Advertising
  • Content & Experience

Grades.pngThe LMI™ Dashboard in Business Center.

Recommended Articles

The dashboard also recommends helpful articles based on a client’s performance in the above categories. The higher their grade, the more advanced the articles.

The LMI™ Dashboard in Business Center.

Your clients can view the entire list of articles via Business Center > Content Library, and you can access those articles via Partner Center > Marketing > Content Library.

The Content Library in Partner Center.

Recommended Products

Each article recommends products that would solve the business’s local marketing problems. 

An article from the Content Library within Business Center.

Whenever a client or prospect selects one of these products, their assigned salesperson will receive a hot lead notification.

Request Assistance

The LMI™ Dashboard and relevant articles include a floating button in the bottom right corner that allows your clients to ask for help by sending a message to their assigned salesperson.


Once they send their message, their salesperson will receive a hot lead notification.

The hot lead notification email when a client requests assistance.

Get Started

To provide your clients with the LMI™ Dashboard and Content Library, go to Partner Center > Administration > General Product Settings > Other, and then enable Display Content Library, and Local Marketing Index™ in Business Center.

The Customize section in Partner Center.

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