Apr. 21, 2017: Drive campaign recipients to landing pages about your products and packages


The new CTA buttons for campaigns direct your prospects to public landing pages where your prospects can learn more about your products and packages—meanwhile triggering hot lead notifications to your salespeople.

How to insert the new CTAs into your emails

1. Go to Partner Center > Marketing > Customer Acquisition.

2. Select a campaign.

3. Select Edit beneath an email. If the campaign is in Draft mode, you can instead click Add Content to select a template or create a new email.

4. In the Edit Content screen, open the Dynamic Components menu, hover over Product Landing Pages or Package Landing Pages, and then select the product or package you’d like the button to link to.


Note: To our partners who utilize Markets, package landing pages are Market-specific and should therefore be scoped to a campaign in which the recipients are also within that Market. 

The button will appear in the email, displaying the ID of the product or package.


Once the email is sent, this ID will automatically be renamed to the name of its associated product (i.e. your recipients will see the product name). We suggest that you tailor the button to your email. For example, “Learn More” or “Discover {{ productId }}.” To edit the text, you can either update the HTML via the Source Code editor.


Or you can take advantage of this life hack: type between the first and last letters to maintain the proper formatting of the text, and then delete the text that you don’t need. Make sure you don't accidentally remove the link!


5. Preview the email to see what the new button will look like to your recipients.


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