Apr. 5, 2017: New customer acquisition campaigns


Accelerate your sales with pre-built email campaigns that promote the new products you’re selling, including:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • BetterVideo Montage
  • SEO Network
  • Social Powered Wi-Fi Marketing

Each new campaign comes with a set of emails that highlight the value propositions of that product.

Similar to any other Recommended Campaign, you can use these new campaigns right out of the box, or tailor the messages to your unique clients.

To add the new campaigns to My Campaigns, go to Partner Center > Marketing > Customer Acquisition > Recommended Campaigns (or simply log into Partner Center and then follow this link). Next, select a campaign and click Add to My Campaigns. The campaign will then go into Draft mode, where you can customize it as you wish before publishing it for use by your salespeople.

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