Who do I contact with support questions regarding Marketplace products?

Here at Vendasta, we provide support for every product we develop in house. For Marketplace products, however, we recommend contacting these companies directly to touch base with their support teams to ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information about their product's functionality. We also recommend CC'ing your Success Manager to ensure your questions are addressed as soon as possible. The contact information is as follows:

Product Email Phone Other
5STAR support@text5star.com (707) 266-7275  
Appointment Scheduling support@agendize.com (888) 551-0802  
BetterVideo Montage vendastamds@bettervideo.com (214) 269-0738  
Chatbot Starter, Pro support@getsiteglue.com (720) 443-2710  
Conversion Audit support@ometrics.com (800) 700-8077  
Listing Builder support@vendasta.com (844) 955-6650  
Managed Service Blog Package clients@textbroker.com (702) 534-3832  
Mobile App Builder Send an Email (800) 549-8138 Twitter
Reputation Management support@vendasta.com (844) 955-6650  
SEO Network, 5 keywords support@netsuccessusa.com (800) 736-8801  
Social Marketing support@vendasta.com (844) 955-6650  
Social Powered WiFi Marketing support@mywifi.io N/A  
UpSnap Mobile Ads info@upsnap.com (844) 487-7627  
Visual Visitor support@visualvisitor.com (888) 586-7730 Submit a Ticket
Website Pro support@vendasta.com (844) 955-6650  
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