How do I upload files for my clients?

Through our File Uploader, you are able to provide your clients with direct access to important documents relevant to their business.

Uploading Files

  1. Select an account in Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts.
  2. Click Add File to create a file group.1.png
  3. Enter the title of the file group, an optional description for the set of files, and choose Upload File for each file you wish to upload.2.png
  4. Click Create.

Should you wish to edit this group of files at any time, you can click the menu icon to the right of the file group and select Edit to return to the edit screen.

Downloading Files

  1. Log in to your Business Center.
  2. Select the location the files were uploaded to.
  3. Click Files.
  4. Select the title of the file group.
  5. Choose Download next to the file you wish to download.3.png
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