Use the attached spreadsheet to help you build out your packages and discover the number of accounts needed to break even! Plus you can forecast for the year based on the goals you have set!

We have created example sheets for each of our suggested packages. These packages are build out for partners using Vendasta's Digital Agency services. 


  1. Optimize the Settings tab with all product and service pricing. We have Vendasta's offerings covered from Digital Agency services to Marketplace vendor solutions, but add any other wholesale costs to you - from reporting to product fees.
    • There are additional rows where you can add your own products - just indicate one time or monthly and enter the cost!
  2. Once Settings is optimized, the sheet will do the work for you! Open up one new tab (just copy the template tab) for every base package you are designing or for every custom solution you are building.
  3. There are only 4 fields you need to worry about
    • Package Price: Monthly retail cost for all solutions - what you will charge your clients!
    • Onboarding Fee: Set-up fee received month one - will you charge your clients a set up fee? 
    • Sales Person Commission: % of Package Price, if applicable.
    • Product Costs:  Choose the products/services for that package from the drop downs.
  4. Your goal is to track Profit each month - are you getting the margins month in and month out with the products and pricing you selected? If not, go back to Package Price and Onboarding Fee to find an optimized retail price.
  5. BONUS: Check out your Cash Flow Summary to see how many packages you need to sell to break even on your Subscription Cost.
    • Then use the Yearly Forecast  to see what your profits will be once you reach a certain number of clients. Enter in your month to month goals for new clients!

Reach out to your Partner Success Manager if you have questions - we would be happy to work with you on these!

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