Mar. 29, 2017: Usability improvements and citation statistics in Brand Analytics


Based on partner feedback, we've made a number of enhancements to the brand report. In this update, we’ve improved the Brand Analytics user experience with a reorganization of listings and reviews, and we’ve introduced citations data and comparisons.


You’ll now find all information about listings and reviews in their respective tabs. That means there is no longer a Dashboard tab. When you visit a Brand Analytics report, you’ll land on the Reviews tab instead.


The reviews data and content from the old Dashboard (the new reviews map, the best & worst performing regions & locations, and the last five positive & negative reviews) is now featured in Reviews > Overview.


Meanwhile, all of the data and content from the old Reviews tab is now available under Reviews > Review Details.


To make Brand Analytics consistent with the rest of the Vendasta product suite, we’ve renamed the Visibility tab to Listings.

The listings data from the old Dashboard (number of listings found per region or location) is now featured in Listings > Overview.


Meanwhile, all of the data and content from the old Visibility tab is now available under Listings > Listing Details. Here, you’ll also find a new toggle to view the various graphs: Presence, Accuracy, and Citations.


Speaking of citations, we’ve added citations data and comparisons to the brand report!

You’ll see the number of citations found for each region or location in Listings > Overview. If you want to see more details, go to Listings > Listing Details > Citations (toggle). Here you’ll see the number citations initially found, the number of citations found as of today, and the number of new citations in the past 30 days.


And just like any other area of the brand report, you can drill down into a single location to view a graph and statistics for that location.


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