How do I start or stop a Campaign automatically when a product is activated?

Once you close a deal, your sales and marketing focus shifts from customer acquisition to product adoption. Your campaign focus should shift accordingly. Introducing the first version of campaign automations, allowing you to automatically start and stop campaigns when you activate a product for a customer.

To show you the value of campaign automations, we’ll take you through a brief journey of the customer lifecycle.

You begin the sales process by creating a Snapshot Report and adding a prospect to a customer acquisition campaign—perhaps the renowned Local Marketing Snapshot campaign (formerly “10X Drip Campaign”).

Once your prospect is ready to buy, you receive a hot lead notification, close the deal, and activate a product.

With campaign automations, the moment you activate a product for your new customer, that customer will stop receiving the acquisition campaign and simultaneously start receiving an adoption campaign. You can choose from our pre-built adoption campaigns or create your own. 

From customer acquisition to product adoption, campaign automations will help you effectively engage with your prospects and clients at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


1. Select a campaign in the Campaigns tab of Partner Center.

2. Open the Campaign Configuration drop-down menu.

3. Select which product automatically starts and/or stops an account from receiving this campaign.

a) Example #1: When you activate Reputation Management for a customer, that customer starts receiving this product adoption campaign.

b) Example #2: When you activate Social Marketing for a customer, that customer stops receiving this customer acquisition campaign.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for your other acquisition, adoption, and upsell campaigns!

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