Feb. 1, 2017: New product navigation bar for your clients

As part of the new Marketplace, we’ve replaced the sidebar in the product suite with a new, horizontal navigation. This improved nav remains uncluttered regardless of the number of products you sell. Plus, its responsive design provides an excellent user experience regardless of the user’s screen size.

The new horizontal bar allows your clients to (in order of appearance in the screenshot above):

  1. Go back to their Business Center dashboard.
  2. Identify the location they’re viewing.
  3. Identify the product they’re viewing, and navigate between products.
  4. Navigate to their Business Profile.
  5. Go to their Notification Settings, or sign out of the Business Center.

In order to view the new navigation bar, you must impersonate a User via Partner Center > Users or sign directly into the Business Center. If you enter a product directly from Partner Center > Accounts, you will see the original sidebar (i.e. if you have enabled the sidebar enabled).

Note: Because the new navigation bar is a Business Center feature, it is not available to SSO partners. However, if you are an SSO Partner, you will still see the original sidebar, as long as you have the sidebar enabled.

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