Feb. 1, 2017: Select, showcase, and sell products and services with Marketplace

Marketplace is the most effective way to sell digital products at scale. It allows you to instantly take new products to market, consolidate your vendor relationships, and provide your clients with immediate value from a single login (Business Center).

You now have the ability to:

  1. Expand your product line with a curated set of third-party products and services.
  2. Incorporate your existing products and services for no extra charge.
  3. And build strategic packages that stay true to your brand.



Step #1: Prepare your inventory

Go to Partner Center > Marketplace > Products. This is where you’ll prepare your inventory before you showcase it in your store.

There are two different ways you can add products to your inventory:

Option #1: Add your products

Click Create a Product to add your existing products and services (e.g. email marketing or SEO).

You have total flexibility when it comes to the positioning and messaging of your products.

Option #2: Enable vendor products

Click Discover Vendor Products to find new products and services. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it sounds—there are no RFPs or technical integrations required, and the sales and marketing collateral is already built for you.

Just select a vendor product to see an explanation, screenshots, and relevant files. Then, once you’re ready to add it to your inventory, click Enable.

Step #2: Manage your store

Once you’ve added a product to the Products tab, head over to the Manage Store tab to build your store.

There are two different ways to add your products to your Store:

  1. You can add them individually.
  2. You can build packages with multiple products.

You can do either of these by clicking Add Product(s) to Store.

Then, select one or more products and give the package a price. You also have the option to give the package a unique name, icon, and description. Once you’re ready to show it in your store, click Save & Publish.

Your clients will now see this package in your Store when they log into Business Center.

If you’d like to preview how it looks, open the menu beneath a package and then click Preview.

If at any point in the future you wish to hide this package from your store, click Unpublish to move it over to draft mode.

And if you ever want to discontinue a package, click Archive.

Step #3: View sales training resources

Each Marketplace product comes with all the sales resources your team needs to get started. From Sales & Success Center > Training Resources, your salespeople can learn about your products, preview your store, and watch sales training videos. That way you can hit the ground running with each new product.

Step #4: Set up automated campaigns

You also have the power to automate your sales with customized email campaigns. In the Marketing tab of Partner Center, you can build campaigns designed to:

  • Acquire new clients.
  • Improve product adoption.
  • And upsell your existing clients.

Use acquisition and upsell campaigns to promote the products and packages you offer in your store. When your prospects interact with these campaigns, your salespeople will receive hot lead notifications indicating that your prospects might be ready to buy.

Step #5: Sell, sell, sell!

That’s all there is to it!

Remember, if you have any questions about Marketplace or the third-party products available to you, don’t hesitate to contact your Partner Success Manager. We’re here to help!

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