Jan. 4, 2017: We’ve just introduced over 100 improvements

We’re proud to announce that we’ve made more than 100 refinements to the Vendasta platform in the past two weeks. From partner requests to UI improvements, we carefully selected refinements that would improve everyone's lives without having a significant impact on your company’s workflow. Check out the release notes below.

Partner Center

  • Filter accounts by date created (Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts).
  • Filter accounts based on their status for Listing Sync Pro (Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts).

  • Refresh a Snapshot Report from the Account Details screen (Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts > Account Details).

  • Take action on a list from within that list (Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts > Lists).

  • Impersonate a user directly from Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts (a user must have permission to that account).

  • View your clients’ login URL (Partner Center > Businesses > Users).

  • View your sales team’s login URL (Partner Center > Sales > Salespeople).

  • Sort your salespeople by selecting one of the top three stats—Fastest Average Response Time, Most Missed Opportunities, Revenue Leader (Partner Center > Sales > Salespeople).
  • Product Adoption campaigns no longer generate hot leads.
  • Other minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

Sales & Success Center

  • New design for the cover of the Snapshot Report printout.

  • View the date and time of activities in the sales history section (Sales & Success Center > Account Details).

  • See when an account has been added to a campaign (Sales & Success Center > Account Details).
  • View all email events in the Recent Activity section (Sales & Success Center > Account Details).
  • Enter a prospect’s phone number when you’re creating a new account.


  • View customer review content directly from the task list.

  • View the date a Concierge account was activated (Concierge > Accounts > Account Details).

  • View public task notes from any screen in Concierge.

  • Hide disabled Concierge accounts from the Accounts tab in Concierge.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Reputation Management

  • Select “Not Mine” on any business listing site.
  • See when there’s a note on a business listing.

  • Change the order of review sites in review request emails (e.g. Google first, Facebook second) via Reputation Management > Reviews > Settings.

  • Delete contacts from Review Generation (Reputation Management > Reviews > Generate Reviews).

  • Minor bug fixes.
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