What are AI-Generated Review Responses?

Artificial intelligence has been integrated into the Manage Reviews functionality in Reputation Management to allow users to quickly create a review response using AI-generated content. This feature works for accounts with Reputation Management Pro. The AI-suggested response feature can be used in the app to respond directly to Google or Facebook reviews and used to generate responses for other review sites. See below. 

Why are AI-Generated Review Responses important? 

Streamlines the process when a Partner or a user wants to quickly respond to a review on Google or Facebook to save time, improve the ease of content creation, reduce research needed, and allow users to interact with their audiences faster. 

How do AI-Generated Review Responses work?

Go to the Reputation Management dashboard then click Reviews > Manage Reviews in the main menu. Filter reviews by Without Responses to display the reviews that require a response. Look for Suggest Response and select that:


After clicking Suggest Response the AI will generate a response. If you have templates set up in different languages, the AI can even understand the language that the review was left in, and will respond in the detected language!


After the AI response is generated, the user can make edits or changes to it. If the user is satisfied with the response, simply click the Respond button. 

The AI-suggested response feature can also be used to respond to reviews from other sites. Simply click the Suggest Response button to generate the response then click Copy response > Respond on [review site] where this AI-generated response can be used. 


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