Customize Business App

Partners can configure their client-facing experience in Business App with more intuitive and context-rich configuration pages in Partner Center.


Available at

Users can navigate to this new settings area in two ways:

  • Partner Center > Businesses > Manage Business App > Customize Business App
  • Partner Center > Administration > Customize Business App

What’s changed?

  • New: A better layout and organization of all the customer-facing settings that are available in the Vendasta platform – including features of Business App and client notification settings.
  • New: Embedded help articles, with screenshots and videos, to provide context about what each setting does, and how it will affect your client experience.

Notable client-experience settings available

  • Partners can decide which Business App features are enabled or disabled for their clients – also referred to as ‘Permissions’.  Show or hide all the tabs in the navigation, and the many features of each tab.
  • Decide the default reporting period of the marketing funnel when your users land in Business App or Multi-location Business App.
  • Manage what notifications your users receive by default.
  • Learn about all the ways you can get more users to start using Business App


Q: If I enable or disable a feature, would it override what a specific user had set for themselves?

A: It differs based on whether you are enabling a feature or disabling a feature.

If features are enabled in ‘Customize Business App’, they will be available for users of accounts – but partners can still disable certain features on a user-by-user basis. Learn more about setting user permissions.

By contrast, if features are disabled in ‘Customize Business App’, those features will be completely unavailable for users of accounts in those markets. 

It’s important to select whether you want these changes to apply to all markets or on an individual market level. 

Q: How do I set default permissions for any users who are added to Business App?

A: You can decide which pages and features you want your users to have access to in Business App (on a market-by-market basis) by selecting or unselecting them and saving.  Your choices made here, for each market, will affect any current users and new users added to accounts within those markets.

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