Advertising Intelligence: Microsoft/Bing Ads

What is it?

Microsoft Ads (a.k.a Bing Ads) is a connector in Advertising Intelligence. Users can even connect Microsoft Ads without Advanced Reporting but will only have access to account-level stats. Previously Advertising Intelligence did not support this.

At this time white-labeling this connection is not possible, so the connection will show as Vendasta.  We are working with Microsoft to find a solution to this. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Go to an account with Advertising Intelligence activated > Connections 


Step 2: Connect to Microsoft Ads



Step 3: Microsoft Ads will be seen connected at all campaign levels shown below




Please note -
If the user experiences the error shown below, they should log in to Microsoft ads and navigate to Tools > Account Access to check what kind of account they are logging into (listed under Signs-in with). At the top of the page is a switch labeled 'Require sign-in with a work account.' If the user is logging in with a work account, this switch must be turned on. If the user is logging in with a personal account, this switch must be turned off.





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