Advertising Intelligence: Microsoft/Bing Ads

What is it?

Microsoft Ads (a.k.a Bing Ads) is a connector in Advertising Intelligence. Users can even connect Microsoft Ads without Advanced Reporting but will only have access to account-level stats. Previously Advertising Intelligence did not support this.

At this time white-labeling this connection is not possible, so the connection will show as Vendasta.  We are working with Microsoft to find a solution to this. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Go to an account with Advertising Intelligence activated > Connections 


Step 2: Connect to Microsoft Ads



Step 3: Microsoft Ads will be seen connected at all campaign levels shown below




Please note 
If the user experiences the error shown below, they should log in to Microsoft ads and navigate to Tools > Account Access to check what kind of account they are logging into (listed under Signs-in with). At the top of the page is a switch labeled 'Require sign-in with a work account.' If the user is logging in with a work account, this switch must be turned on. If the user is logging in with a personal account, this switch must be turned off.





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